Thursday, September 03, 2009

What A Life

My faith in Karma better payoff...

I checked my e-mail today and found out that there was a party at the end of the block last night. So, on Saturday night, I'm all bored and amped up from the gym. Lots of folks were out of town for the tournament at Henlopen, and I got the voice mail for those in town. What to do?...if I only knew of the party, but I can't lose with kung fu. It was so nice outside I had to ride my bike to the Loew's in Georgetown. I get there and found the only object that didn't already have three bikes wrapped around it - a parking meter. Got my lock, double-coiled it around my bike and the meter, then checked it as I normally would. I picked up my ticket for Kill Bill Vol. 2, and proceeded to find an enhancement spot. There was no opportunity as there were lots of people out on a warm Saturday night - I resigned. Before I went into the cinema, I took a look at my bike once more.

All was not lost as I still had leftover rum in a plastic bottle from the Hawaii trip - yeah I'm bringing a taste of the hood into G'town. I get in the bathroom and mixed it with my soda and it turned out great. The guy sitting to my left kept giving me the sketchy look everytime I was hitting the ghetto cola. He was also trying to keep away from my grossly scabbed knee. Of course, his uneasiness only brings a grin to my face. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie and I'm not going to review it here now. This is about me ranting. Ranting about the fact that when I got out of the cinema, my bike was fucking GONE!

This is how the city greets me back home - with a two fisted sledgehammer punch to the sac. I love riding my bike around the city - dodging and weaving through traffic. It clears my mind from all the bullshit around me and I can just focus on riding in a relaxed but adrenalized state. Now some asshole just took that away from me on a well lit sidewalk with heavy foot traffic and cop patrols. You'd think someone would say something to a person prying my bike off the parking meter. Nah, people don't a give a shit in the city, it's not even worth their effort to flick a booger. I can take a lot of shit the city dishes out at me everyday, but taking my bike away from me hurts. Plus...I have to hoof it back home to Mt. P from G'town. Judging from the way people were avoiding my direct path, I must've looked pissed - ready to avenge my master's death.

It's all up to Metro PD now as I had filed a stolen bike report last night before making a pit stop on the way home at Marshall's for some drinks. That made the walk back home more bearable. Anyone reading this blog in DC sees a Fuji track bike with mustache handlebars - there aren't any I've seen in the city besides mine - check for my blood stains on them...then proceed with the Dim Mak.

So what's up? I get all busted up before I go on vacation and a tournament in Hawaii. My right hamstrings are sore and bruised from the base of my asscheek to the back of my knee - it doesn't look as bad as Fox's from a few years ago. Due to the hamstrings, I couldn't play this weekend at Henlopen - where I always enjoyed playing, nor could I play at my Spring league game. Then, I get my bike stolen last night. All I'm saying is the tide better turn soon. This is the part of my life that is suppose to be fun, my separation from work. The weather is getting better here now, and I'm gonna pick myself off the floor. I'm going to the bike shop tomorrow and see what I can put together.